Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Inspirational Historical Romance
Judith Miller
3 Stars MILD

Finch, West Virginia 

Written in a head-hopping, third person limited point of view, Judith Miller creates well defined characters in this moderately paced romance that shows God's love throughout. This book flows steadily with no unexpected surprises and may even be slow at times but is an enjoyable read that is perfect for a relaxing day. Recommended for all.

Summary: After her aunt passes, Hope Irvine travels in a chapel-converted railroad car with her father to the mining town of Finch, West Virginia where they are to minister to the townspeople. Luke Hughes takes it upon himself to protect Hope from getting in trouble with some of the illegal activities that go on in town. All goes well until the son of the mine owner shows up and causes havoc behind the scenes. Will Hope see his true colors and steer clear or will she fall for his cover act and lose Luke and possibly get hurt in the process?

(BETHANY, Apr. 2017, 352 pp, $15.99)

Reviewed by: JENNY FALCONE

  • ISBN-13: 978-0764219054

Reviewed for RT BOOK REVIEWS 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

MISSING by Kelley Armstrong

Young Adult Romantic Thriller
Kelley Armstrong
4.5 stars TOP PICK MILD

Kelley Armstrong creates an enthralling story-line in this blood-pumping romantic thriller. Written in the first person limited point of view, this book flows seamlessly from one scene to the next, with many twists and surprises. You will laugh and cry throughout this fast-paced tale. The whole book takes place over a few short days and keeps you guessing. We share the shocks and confusions of well-portrayed characters. You will not want to miss this one and will be up late in the night just to see what happens next. Written as a young adult novel for ages 14 and up, this is a well-written, clean book recommended for all who love a good thriller. Please use discretion when purchasing due to violence/mild gore and items found by main characters to prevent pregnancy. There is also a minor discussion about religion.

SUMMARY: Winter Crane is in her last year of high school and can not wait to leave her town, just like her sister and numerous others have. A run down cabin in the woods is her secret place away from her father and his drunken temper. One day, she stumbles across a bleeding, battered, unconscious guy in a tree, who claims he knows one of Winter's friends. Once she nurses him back to health, he disappears saying he will fix everything. Has he and everyone else truly left on their own or has something happened to them all? Winter is determined to uncover what happened to everyone, even if she doesn't like the answers she uncovers.

(CROWN BOOKS, Apr. 2017, 384 pp, $17.99)

Reviewed by: JENNY FALCONE

ISBN: 978-0399550324


Thursday, May 4, 2017


Paranormal Christian Romance
Kelsey Norman
4.5 stars TOP PICK MILD

Norman begins this sequel with a bang and keeps the fast pace until the end. Heart pounding violent dreams Norman portrays great descriptive come-to-life scenes and characterization that leaves you with a clear character voice. Written in the first-person limited point of view with italic thoughts throughout, this is an outstanding Christian paranormal Romance. Discretion is advised due to violence. Can be read as a stand-alone novel but you get a better portrayal having read the first book. This book gives the feeling of completion. Recommended for fans of romance with a paranormal twist.
plague our main character.

SUMMARY: Nina Anderson is lucky to be alive after the abuse of her boyfriend, who tried to kill her. He was killed at the end of the first book but Nina is haunted by new dreams of him. Nina lives in Despair, Kansas on her grandparents farm. Liam had been sent to be Nina's protector and after his assignment was complete, is allowed to visit Nina for 2-hours every day. Nina is not happy with the time limit and begins to think about the future. Strange things begin to occur in Despair and Liam is released from the time limit to investigate. Will Liam be able to figure it out before its too late?

(MOUNTAIN BROOK, April 2017, 221 pgs, dl $2.99)

Series: Mystic Hope book 2

Reviewed by: JENNY FALCONE