Monday, August 15, 2016

False Hearts by Laura Lam

Laura Lam
Setting: Futuristic San Francesco
4 1/2 star Top Pick MILD

False Hearts by Laura Lam is an original, riveting, multi-layered, suspenseful page turner with vivid character development that is flawlessly executed throughout. You will be sucked in from the very first words. We come across futuristic developments in hover cars, ocular implants and drugs that can make your dreams come true and memories better. Written in the first person limited point of view, changing between previously conjoined twins. We encounter bisexuality and same sex marriages as well as some mild intimacy scenes.

SUMMARY: Conjoined twins Taema and Tila were raised in a secluded cult where all technology was forbidden. After heart failure at the age of 16 they escaped the cult, were separated and given mechanical hearts. Now 10 years later, Tila is being accused of the murder of a drug lords henchman. She is locked up, the event is suppressed by the police and Taema is asked to go undercover and take her sisters place and find out exactly what occurred.

(Tor, June 2016, 384 pages, $13.99)
ISBN: 978-0765382054

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Friday, August 5, 2016

The Wolf in the Attic by Paul Kearney

Paul Kearney
4 stars MILD

Paul Kearney's The Wolf in the Attic is written in the form of a coming-of-age narrative, in the present-tense, first-person POV. Fast paced and engaging, you wont even notice the long paragraphs or that dialogue is few and far between with our main character, Anna, a pre-teen Greek girl, describing her daily experiences. Christianity is discussed throughout. Recommended for fans of memoir's and coming-of-age stories with a bit of fairy tale thrown in.

SUMMARY: Anna and her father are Greek refugees that have watched Anna's mother being murdered and having to relocate to Oxford. Pie, her doll, is her comforting vice that she never lets go of. She experiences loss, murder and abuse, all with Pie by her side. She safely daydreams grand adventures until one night she leaves to escape the noise from her father's committee meeting and stumbles upon someone who may turn into her savior.

(Solaris, May 2016, 320 pages, $14.99)
ISBN: 978-1781083628

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Miller's Valley by Anna Quidlen

Anna Quindlen
3 stars MILD

Anna Quindlen's Miller's Valley is written in the form of a coming-of-age memoir, in the present-tense, first-person POV. Quindlen makes you feel the emotional battles taking place, through the flood, family secrets, relocations, deaths and births. Some confusion is found by the jumping from our main characters' memories to her present-day reflection of that memory. The long paragraphs make the sections feel drawn out and dialogue is few and far between in most cases. There are references to intimacy scenes but no descriptions. Christianity is discussed but not upheld. Recommended for fans of memoir's and coming-of-age stories.

SUMMARY: Mary Margaret "Mimi" Miller tells the story of her life from the 1960's to present. The town wants to relocate the Miller's from the valley they live in due to the water table level. As Mimi grows, she discovers that life is full of secrets and changes. Her brother goes to war and returns a different person and to find he has a son; her friends change and some move away; her discoveries in new relationships; unexpected pregnancies; and career choices.

(Random House, April 2016, 272 pages, $21.43)
ISBN: 978-0812996081

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Monday, August 1, 2016


Paul Krueger
3 star MILD

Last Call is an interesting read, written in the third person limited point of view. It gets off to a slow start but has heart racing scenes throughout.  You will be intrigued from the very first words. Enclosed are cocktail lore and recipes. We encounter immortality, betrayal, alcohol, magic, inferences to sex, gorey violence and strong language. Recommended for anyone interested in magic and mixology with a hint of romance thrown in.

SUMMARY: Bailey Chen is a college grad who got a job working in a bar, while waiting for her dream job to open up. Zane, the bar owners nephew, is a bartender and also in charge of protecting civilians from monsters who feed on intoxicated individuals. They must get over their past hurts to work together and save many lives.

(Random House, June 2016, 288 pages, $14.99)
ISBN: 978-1594747595

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