Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Refuge by Regal Walker

Inspirational Historical Romance
Regan Walker
4.5 stars TOP PICK MILD
Scotland 1072

Walker creates an enthralling story-line, opening with a vicious attack that will make you as upset as the main character. Written in the third person head-hopping omniscient point of view, you will laugh, cry, be shocked, nervous and annoyed. The author throws in many terms that would be used at that time in Scotland, but describes everything well enough so you dont get lost. With many characters and lots of travel happening, make sure to read the 'Author's Note' and 'Characters of Note' at the beginning as well as look over the map given to keep everything straight in your mind. Recommended for lovers of historical romance as well as those of travel and war. Discretion should be taken due to implied intimacy scenes as well as descriptive violent battles.

SUMMARY: CatrĂ­ona of the Vale of Leven has arrived at the King of Scotland's court with her cousin to be the Queen's ladies. She spent the last year in Atholl with her uncle after seeing the brutal murders of her father and everyone at the Vale of Leven. Steiner of Talisand, who also has sought refuge in the King's court, had been injured and is now the King's scribe and is trying to build his body back up to be a warrior. CatrĂ­ona reminds Steiner of the sister he left behind. He loves everything about her, the way she questions everything and has an opinion. Could she ever be matched to a lowly scribe? Will she have a choice once the King makes up his mind for a match for the Queen's ladies? (REGAN WALKER, Nov. 2016, 286 pp, $14.99)

Reviewed for RT Book Reviews
ISBN-13: 978-0996849586

Monday, January 2, 2017

GUIDE ME HOME by Kim Vogel Sawyer

Historical Inspirational Romance
4 stars MILD

1907 Kentucky

Kim Vogel Sawyer creates a tale of an amazing woman who decides to dress like a man in order to help support her family, with no gain to herself. Written in the third person omniscient point of view, ou will fall in love and also be annoyed with the clearly depicted characters. We encounter many unexpected surprises.  This book will stay with you long after it is over. Recommended for all.

SUMMARY: Rebekah Hardin loses her eldest brother in a cave accident where he was working to help their parents support the household. Now, financially struggling, Rebekah decides to see if she can find a job. When the only thing available is a mans job, she dresses as a man and works as hard as anyone else. One of the tasks she is assigned to help with is helping a young cartographer, Devlin Bale, to map the caves. Someone seems to be out to sabotage everything Devlin is doing. Will he make his deadline with all these setbacks?  (WATERBROOK, Aug. 2016, 352 pp, $14.99) 

Reviewed by: JENNY FALCONE
ISBN: 978-0307731395

Reviewed for RT BOOK REVIEWS