Tuesday, August 1, 2017

THE LIES WE TELL by Theresa Schwegel

Crime Mystery
Theresa Schwegel
4 stars MILD

Schwegel writes this enthralling, mostly fast-paced suspense in the first person limited point of view.
There are many unexpected twists and turns throughout but Schwegel makes the reader feel what the main character is thinking, feeling and experiencing. Many well-rounded characters add to the story and Schwegel writes it in such a way to not confuse the reader. Recommended for readers who like a good crime mystery. 

SUMMARY: Gina Simonetti is a Detective in Chicago and is keeping a major secret from her department. When running down a perp, she gets into an altercation and ends up in the hospital. Will her secret be revealed when she catches up to the perp and has to testify? While doing research, she discovers a much bigger issue that can get her killed to stop the public from finding out. Doctors and police seem to be involved and she doesnt know who she can trust. When it comes right down to it, she decides to trust the last person she wants to in order to protect her secret and her 2-year-old niece she cares for. Will this person be what she needs or will he betray her also? 

(MINOTAUR BOOKS, July 2017, 368 pgs, $25.99)

Reviewed by: JENNY FALCONE

  • ISBN-13: 978-1250001788

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